Guilty Treat No.2

Rich Saussage Rolls

Photo by Madalina Becker

Ingredients: 250 – 300 g Puffpastry, 100g – 200 g Cream Cheese, 2 TBS of finely chopped leak – best the white part, 1 or 2 TBS of dried or fresh and finely chopped herbs of your choice, 250 g small saussages.

How to:

Wait 15 -20 Minutes until the pastry had reached room temperature and it will roll smoothly. While you wait, mix the chopped leak and the herbs with the cream cheese. If the sausages have a nonedible cover, or if this bothers you anyway, peel it off.

Spread the cream cheese all over the pastry. Place the sausages over the mix and cut the pastry in stripes as long and wide as to enclose the sausages inside, as tight as possible, and one by one. Cut the pastry sausage rolls carefully into slices. If everything is already too warm, and the filling is popping out too easily, cool it again for another 15 minutes.

Use anything of the cream cheese pastry leftovers into smaller rolls. Place everything on a large tray, then bake for 15 – 20 Minutes, or until crisp and golden.