Black Butter

Black Butter No.1 - Photo by Madalina Becker

Ingredients: 125 g butter, 100 g olives, lemon juice, black pepper Remove the stones, then mash the olives very fine. To achieve best results, use a food chopper. Add the paste to the well battered butter, season it with lemon juice and fresh ground pepper. Add salt if needed. Enjoy this butter spread on moderate … Continue reading Black Butter

Yellow Butter 1

Ingredients: 125 g butter, 3 egg yolks (boiled), salt, pepper, curry, (English or Dijon) mustard, lemon juice Boil three eggs. Press the yolks through a sieve, so that you get a very fine, very creamy paste. Batter the butter until foamy. Mix it with the egg yolk paste, season it with mustard, curry, salt, pepper … Continue reading Yellow Butter 1

Industriell – an IKEA collection

Piet Hein Eek remembers that when he finished design school, "there was a great drive for perfection in design". So his trigger for his collaboration with Ikea was to "redefine mass-produced products by turning uniformity on its head". A limited-edition collection, Industriell sums up chairs, tables, glassware, ceramics and textiles. If the furniture pieces are produced from … Continue reading Industriell – an IKEA collection