Incentive for Monday Deniers

Express Tartelettes with a light, creamy cheese fill, and a berry middle We all need a treat from time to time, a little extravagance, to boost us up. Manufacture this on Sunday – it doesn’t matter when, you will need one to two hours including cleaning up, but as a sideline, while doing something elseContinue reading “Incentive for Monday Deniers”

Squash Soup

Warm light on your plate Ingredients for app. 3 l of soup: 1 onion, 1 parsley root, 4 medium sized carrots, 4-5 medium sized potatoes, half of a green pepper, half of a medium-sized butternut squash or a small one, 3 cloves of garlic, fresh peppermint leaves, 2-3 cm of ginger, salt, smoked paprika, cayenneContinue reading “Squash Soup”